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what you can expect from us

+++++++ We recondition your Arburg injection moulding machine in our company +++++++


- You like to take a look at our machines (map)? We will make this possible at any time.
- You need more information? Our experts will advise you, they will help to solve your problems and you can trust in their advices.
- We can also offer complete solutions (Arburg injection moulding machines with appropriate peripheral equipment - new equipment from reputable manufacturers)
- Our service includes also modifications to the ARBURG injection moulding
machines on customer demand. Later installation of :
- core pulls
- interfaces
- software updates
- other software language
- or other special functions are no problem for us. This belongs to our concept.
- We can submit interesting offers from Leasing companies in order to finance your machine.
- Estimation of the market value of Arburg injection moulding machines
- Use of highly wear resistant cylinders, screws and non-return valves on customer demand.
- You need reconditioning or modifications of your own machine? Give us your order and we will do it for you.
- Repair of hydraulic pumps including checking on test station
- The reconditioned ARBURG machines can be thoroughly tested under production conditions in our factory with your mould or with mould dummies.
- We provide an OPERATION GUARANTEE on delivery for all reconditioned ARBURG machines.
- All machines will be delivered with an operation manual.
- Specialized training on the machine by our qualified staff.
- Reliable spare parts service
- You need help after purchase? After-sales service is guaranteed.

We would be pleased if you would convince yourself of our service and performances. We look forward to your enquiry.